7 Ways Artifical Intelligence (AI) Can Take Over The World According To This Book

Isaac Breese
6 min readOct 4, 2018


We all been witnessing the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI). More and more companies are using it to replace jobs, increase productivity, and some startups are even using AI as the basis of their business.

In his book Life 3.0 Being Human In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence, Author Max Tegmark writes about how AI has been affecting humans as well as the potential of an AI takeover. In fact Tegmark, highlighted 12 ways robots will achieve world domination.

But it won’t be Terminator version. This AI takeover will be more subtle.

1. Libertarian Utopia

The first option is a scenario where humans and technology can coexist peacefully — well, something like that.

In this libertarian utopia, there will be machine zones and human-only zones. In the machine zones, humans have upgraded their bodies to cyborgs or have uploaded their minds onto machine hardware allowing them to exist as software.

In the human-only zones, more people are wealthy, poverty has been eliminated and there are cures available for most diseases. Sounds nice right?

Not so fast.

It is not a guarantee that both humans and technology will live in harmony. Robots, if they chose, will be able to get the human’s land by superintelligent persuasion. A libertarian society can also cause humans to be unemployable resulting in a robot-operated social-welfare in which the humans are kept fed and healthy in safe conditions.

Further, robots could inject birth control into the water to ensure that humans don’t have children causing the human population to be eliminated.

2. Benevolent Dictator

In this situation, a superintelligent dictator runs the world and enforces laws that ensure human happiness — sounds like a long shot, but let's explore this.

Under the dictator AI, humans are free from poverty, disease, and technological advances are abundant. Everyone wears a security bracelet with the ability to surveillance, punish, sedate and execute anyone of committing a crime.



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